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Noragami - Yato ( Chibi ver. ) by Alice-Akane Noragami - Yato ( Chibi ver. ) :iconalice-akane:Alice-Akane 3 0


N x Reader... Unexpected
What does it feel like to live in the life of a fangirl? Well, you definitely knew. There were the biases. Ridiculously gorgeous men who sang for your sheer entertainment, in a language that wasn't your own. There were the concerts. You know, the ones that never seemed to make it to your city?
Yeah those, and then last but not least, the language barrier. The difference of Korean and your tongue was quite noticeably large, and as much as you could wish you could disperse that cursed barrier, you couldn't. The top three principles of a fangirl, are those solely.
Now, the dedication and time you had for them, was insane. Every hour, minute, second, was filled with them.
You had spent countless hours, staring endlessly at a computer screen, watching as they were interviewed. Every single radio show, live performance, VIXX TV, and their MTV Diary. Oh, how you wish that one day you could meet them...
And now, you could. It was maybe your only chance, and you snatched it up ferociously
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 11 3
Sweet-infireration-lg by Shygirl23 Sweet-infireration-lg :iconshygirl23:Shygirl23 9 0
Orchids || Park Jimin
Reader is pregnant for about 5 months
"Ah, but I want to know!"
"Jimin, no, I want it to be a secret! Even I don't know!"
"Why are you so excited about not wanting to know the gender of your unborn child?" Jimin kept on whining, not being able to realize how on earth could you not want to know if you were having a boy or a girl.
"Because," you excitedly clapped your hands, "it won't be the same! Imagine the thrill finding out! It's different than finding out before the baby is born!" Clinging onto Jimin's hand, you kissed his cheek, "Please?"
"But how are we gonna decorate the baby room? Blue? Pink? Rainbow colours?"
"Well you'll have time once it's born, won't you?" You teased.
"And leave you? By yourself? In a hospital? Not seeing my own child and being by the love of my life? No way." Realizing what he blurted out a blush tinted his cheeks and the tips of his ears, earning a giggle from you.
"And I love you too," saying that you pecked his lips.
:iconmonatan:monatan 34 12
Tsukishima x Reader |Suavium| Soulmate!AU
AU where the scars on your body only go away after
your soulmate kisses them.

He looked at the marks on your arms with a particularly fresh amount of loathing. They were multiplying. He wasn’t sure what you problem was; no one bullied you at school, no one treated you badly at home, and aside from the stresses of school that everyone faced, he wasn’t sure what your issue could possibly be.
And so Tsukishima Kei remained silent, observing those little cuts littering your otherwise perfect skin with a sharper glare than usual. Your sleeves were pulled up over them in the next second, realizing someone was watching you. Your (e/c) eyes focused on his, and for a second he forgot what it meant to breathe. Not that he’d ever tell you; the girl who already had a boyfriend, who she claimed was her soulmate, and claimed he was able to make the scars go away.
Kei thought it was a load.
“Is there a problem, Tsukki?” You asked him sweetly, without the slightest
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 365 57
Rin Matsuoka Render #38 by Princess-of-Thorn Rin Matsuoka Render #38 :iconprincess-of-thorn:Princess-of-Thorn 61 0 Attack on Titan Neko Chibis by Tsubasachronicl Attack on Titan Neko Chibis :icontsubasachronicl:Tsubasachronicl 7 2
Falling |Oikawa Tooru x Reader|
    You had warned him so many times, but of course he never listened. He was stubborn. He was annoying. Every time you warned him, he’d reply with that sickly, sweet voice of his, mocking you as he told you, “I’m not gonna fall!”
    Well, whatever then. It wasn’t your problem.
    Returning to your desk with the photocopied papers in hand, you had just passed his desk when you noticed Oikawa was once again reclined in his chair: eyes closed with his feet on his desk, arms crossed over his chest with only two of the chair’s feet keeping him steady.
    You almost gave him another warning. Almost. But stopped yourself because, don’t children need to learn the consequences of their actions?
    Sitting down, you had just settled in your chair when you saw Iwaizumi walk by and ever so slightly press his hand against Oikawa’s shoulder. Tooru gave a strangled cry, flailing
:iconchanson-de-sirene:Chanson-de-sirene 67 4
kageyama tobio|friends.[1]
kageyama tobio x gn!reader 
part 1/??
inspiration: 'Friends' season 3, episode 15: "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break"
note: hi hi everyone! this is a series of one-shots based off scenes from the fabulous sitcom series "Friends"! it's one of my favorite comedy series and it's really good! after reading, please check the description for the scene that i was inspired by and the crappy explanation of this story! anyways i hope you enjoy! 
"I mean, don't you think we can work on this?"
No one would have ever expected this from him. 
Even you, the one he was confessing to. 
He was known as a blunt man of few words.
He was someone who liked to show little to no emotion. 
So it really was a surprise when he confessed to you outside the school's gym, in your third year of high school. 
That was the start of your long yet powerful relationship.
Now fast forward a few years to your sophomore year in college. The two of
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 13 21
Mature content
Of Showers and Parties [Bokuto Koutarou] :iconselvatic:Selvatic 101 49
Not My Type (Ch.01) - SCP!England x Idol!Reader
Not My Type
(Student Council President!England x Idol!Reader)
HETALIA belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.
~ * * * ~
Chapter #01:
~ * * * ~
“...Remember, you’re the president of the student council here, Kirkland.” The teacher said as he take off his glasses, “And for you, (last name), since you’re still a new student here, don’t make this kind of problem again. Understand?”
“Yes, sir.”
“That’s all, both of you can go back to your class now.”
“Thank you, sir.”
As the teacher’s room door closed behind, Arthur let a frustrated sigh, he walk away in a fast pace, a frown glued on his face. The girl behind him trying to keep up with his pace, “Hey, wait up!” There’s no response, which makes her annoyed, “What an arrogant student council pres.”
The bushy browed
:iconchitsun002:chitsun002 10 0
Love Knot [Kuroo Tetsurou]
Soulmate!AU where soulmates have matching tattoos
As she lay on the chair, it adjusted to her weight. Trying to relax, she stared up at the guy who took the seat next to her. Her gaze wandered from his glove-clad hand against the chair up his toned forearm; tracing the dark swirls of ink on his skin to the casually rolled up sleeve and fixed on the beautiful angles of his face crowned by unruly raven locks.
He brought his rolling chair closer and looked right into her eyes. A mischievous half-smile crossed his lips and a playful light sparked in feline eyes half-hidden behind a majestic fringe. She gaped at him, her heart missing a beat.
“So, how can I serve you today?” he smirked.
“I… My tattoo… remove…” she stuttered dazed by his charm.
“Oh, regretting past choices?” he
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 248 32
you're leaving me again. | kuroo tetsurou [god!au]
you're leaving me again, aren't you? | god!kuroo tetsurou x gn!regalia!reader
noragami!au (not really)
more like god + servant!au
Gods usually cannot die of natural means; they can't die of old age, no illness that was known and unknown to man can even so much as touch them. A god got ran over by a truck? It'll hurt them like hell, but they'll just pick themselves up, and walk it off.
But gods are not immortal. It is possible to kill a god; it's insanely difficult, but not impossible. A regalia powerful enough can kill a god. A god can kill a god. Ayakashi can kill gods. But how a god dies doesn't matter. In the end, they'll be reborn because gods can't really die.
The first time Kuroo dies — you think — had been the hardest moment in your life. The second and third time was a bit more bearable. The fourth opened old, unhealed wounds. The fifth and so on became increasingly painful each time.
That pain isn't any better when,
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 348 78
voice message | oikawa tooru
voice message | oikawa tooru x fem!reader
listen while reading
"Hi!" An effervescent voice greeted, "I'm currently not at the phone right now, but please leave a message and i'll get back to you as soon as I can!"
He sat in the darkness of his bedroom apartment, listening to the same beautiful melodious sound of her voice playing on his phone. He contemplated leaving a message for her, but his insecurities got in the way and he quickly hung up the call.
He let out an exasperated sigh and flung his body onto his bed. He brought his phone up to his face and quickly dialed her phone number once more, and then put his mobile device against his ear. After a couple of rings that seemed to be drawn out for a lengthy amount of time, he could once again hear the sounds of her voice message playing in his ears. 
"Hi! I'm currently not at the phone right now, but please leave a message and i'll get ba
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 172 50
Ciel X Reader Chapter 1: Welcome Home, My Lady
Remember :)
"     " means talking
'     ' means thoughts
Walking along a path through the woods, you start to glance around at the different patches of flowers that adorned the magnificent garden. Beautiful colours of purple, red, orange and many others all spread around. But one patch of colour in particular caught your attention, the lovely patches of blue. The colour of the sky, the ocean, and more importantly the one that you love.
'Ciel Phantomhive’ You think with a gentle smile on your face. It has been far too long since you last saw him, and now after all these years you would finally be able to see him again. 'Ever since that horrible day, that fateful day, his birthday…'
You were visiting the great Phantomhive Manor; Ciel's Parents were long-time friends with yours so naturally, you and Ciel grew up together. Your Parents were currently away on a business trip and didn't want to bring you along, as it was not a very safe journey for someon
:iconcutiepie247:cutiepie247 515 156
Neighbors (Dipper x reader)
        You’ve seen him around the apartment building, walked by him sometimes in the hallway or even greet him in the morning when you get mail. But it was only those small moments you get to see him. Nothing too big, but you didn’t mind. He was nothing more than a neighbor to you.
        “So, when are you going to have a proper conversation with him?” Your roommate spoke up, causing you to choke a little on your coffee. They laughed when they saw your reaction.
        “Oh haha, very funny.” you heavily mocked them as you wiped your face with your free hand. “and no there’s no way I’m going to have any type of conversation with him, I bet he’s too busy for me anyways. Plus it will just be way too awkward you know?” You sat down beside them and stole a piece of bacon from their plate. “haha revenge!”
        “Ok first, tha
:iconyorucat202:yorucat202 48 3
Nagi No Asukara by XxAjisai-GraphicxX Nagi No Asukara :iconxxajisai-graphicxx:XxAjisai-GraphicxX 159 14



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